Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited. (LMEL),a unit of Lloyds group is in the manufacturing of Direct Reduced Iron(DRI which is well known as Sponge Iron) had initially set up its first 500tpd kiln with the rated capacity of1,50,000 tpa by opting OSIL-Technology in the year 1994-95 at the village-Ghugus, District-Chandrapur (Maharashtra).The basic raw material inputs are Iron ore ,Non-Coking Coal and Dolomite/Limestone. The major quantity of Iron Ore is being sourced from Barbil/Banspani/Joda sectors of Orissa supplemented from Bellary/Hospet/Chitradurga sectors of Karnataka. The coal from nearby mines of Western Coalfields Ltd from Wardha Valley and Dolomite from Wani region of Chandrapur district .The main equipments kiln, cooler and other major structures were designed and supplied by Engineering Division of M/s. Lloyds Steels Industries, Murbad.

which has complete infrastructure facilities to fabricate kilns and heavy equipments and structures. Later the unit has expanded by installing 4x 100 tpd kilns(with Lurgi technology) in the year 2006 and achieved its production capacity of 2,70,000 tpa. And has become one of the biggest Sponge Iron manufactures in Vidarbha region. Experiencing various technical constraints with deterioration in their inputs quality, LMEL has opted for conversion of its 500tpd kiln from OSIL technology to well proven Lurgi technology in the year 2008.

LMEL has further gone for expansion by installing waste heat recovery based 30 MW Co-generation Power Plant in the year 2010 using waste heat from Kiln off gases being generated from the kilns while manufacturing Sponge Iron. The Waste Heat Recovery Boilers and AFBC Boiler are supplied by Engineering Division of Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd, Murbad. As the Sponge Iron being the best Indigenous substitute for MS scrap in steel making, the entire Sponge Iron produced in LMEL is used for its captive consumption in its parent unit- Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd, Wardha. The unit is well equipped with all necessary sophisticated Pollution Control Devices to ensure pollution free Environment in the surroundings.

The Technical Specifications of Sponge Iron:

Chemical Characteristics:

  • Fe (metallic) = 82% avg.
  • Carbon = 0.15% to 0.25% (0.2% avg.)
  • Sulphur = 0.04% to 0.06% ( 0.055% avg.)
  • Phosphorus = 0.035% to 0.050% .
  • Gangue = 5.0 % avg.
  • (Al2O3+SiO2+MgO+CaO)

Physical Characteristics:

  • + 20mm = 5% max.
  • -18mm to + 3mm = 70 % avg.
  • -3mm = 25% max.
  • Bulk Density: 1.80 T/ Cu.Meter